Best 4K 60Hz HDMI Repeater (Booster) on Amazon 2018

If video equipment and display device are too far away, we may encounter problems with HDMI cable not long enough. For example, you need to install a projector, the cord is going across the floor, the length of HDMI cable may exceed 65 ft. If you have two available HDMI cable with a slightly shorter distance, the best solution is choosing a quality HDMI repeater compared with buying a new HD cable.

Best 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0 Matrix Switcher (4X2 / 4X4 / 8X8) on Amazon 2018

If you need more HDMI port on your TV, or show the same content on multiple display devices simultaneously, an HDMI switcher or HDMI splitter is enough. However, if you need to use multiple HDMI source devices and multiple high-definition display terminals at the same time, and want to be able to arbitrarily control the transmission of one or more HDMI signals to one or more display devices, HDMI matrix will be easier for you.

Best 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0 HDCP 2.2 Audio Extractor Splitter on Amazon 2018

In this article, we introduced some kinds of HDMI audio extractor converters. General speaking, it’s just a simple and practical solution to extract audio from input HDMI source device if your TV / monitor have no suitalbe audio output, then the audio channel can be transmitted to soundbar, AV receiver or 5.1 surround system with better sound performance through fiber cable or analog audio cable.

Best HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz HDR HDCP 2.2 Switch on Amazon 2018

As we known, in order to get more HDMI ports on your TV, we need a HDMI switch.  Currently, most 4K TVs resolution have been up to 4K 60Hz (60fps), as well as multi HDMI devices like PS4 Pro, Xbox One S, Blu-ray player, Apple TV 4 and more, have been equipped with HDMI 2.0 port and support 4K 60Hz HDR HDCP 2.2. 

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