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About DeedyGo.com

I would like to say, I am a workaholic, I love my work very much!! While an efficient and healthy working way is more desirable. I am also a crazy man with new and fun stuffs. I do a lot of researches on Google, groups and forums, tried out many methods and stuffs by myself, finding more efficient and healthy working way. I believe I do have some really good methods.

After work I relax myself as well, I love travel, movies, music and any other interesting things. I have some groups that can share good ideas and opinions together.

So I built this blog to share everything I know. Of course, they may not be suitable for everyone. But I do hope it can help people that might need them.

I am a product manager, often spend much time on Amazon and looking for interesting tech gadgets. I also test some ( If I am interested and can get it in time) and share my own opinions and reviews.

Thanks for your visit and hope you love my share, your precious comments and advises are greatly welcomed.  I am glad to make friend with you, see you on Facebook.