How to Fold Drone Landing Pad?

Speaking of the drone landing pad, the most one with cheap price on the Amazon is PYGTech, even though they write their own Brand name, but I am sure this product come from PYGTech.  It just started selling on the Amazon, I am very interested in and got one from PYGtech company.

drone landing pad

It is lightweight and portable, and enough for most drones, you can carry it anywhere. But there is a problem, that is, I do not know how to fold it from the beginning, I think a lot of friends should have encountered this problem.

So I studied for nearly an hour, and then found two key points when fold drone landing pad, I also took a video and uploaded to company’s Youtube channel. You can see my two hand action close-up in the video.

Other kinds of drone landing pad are basically the same operation.

How to fold drone landing pad video:





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