Try The Professional DJI CrystalSky Monitor?

We really do not want to encounter these situations, an ongoing aerial work is interrupted by a call, monitor screen getting invisible in strong light environment, mobile phone or tablet stop working in low temperature and low power…So DJI released this professional monitor with highlight screen: CrystalSky monitor.

This highlight monitor not only allow you to bid farewell to the troubles in a variety of extreme environments, but also ensure long battery life, working in high and low temperature and combined features of most DJI products.

Appearance – Practical design

It looks tough at the first sight. Unlike the monitor comes with Phantom 4 Pro+ is thin and elegant, CrystalSky has more professional and industrial style. The front and back of the equipment made of engineering plastics, and use metal frame in the side, which ensure the entrire strength.

CrystalSky apperance

On CrystalSky monitor, we can find HDMI output interface, USB-A, Micro-USB interface and 3.5mm headphone jack on the left side. HDMI interface support 3840 * 2160 resolution output.

USB-A interface can be inserted into USB flash drive, copy and read photos or videos on it.

Micro-USB mainly allow us to connect the computer to upgrade the device firmware. It also can connect with remote control when we do not use exclusive equipment bracket.

Besides, CrystalSky come with two memory card slots for storage expansion.

CrystalSky left side

The right side is equipped with five physical buttons, they are power button, shortcut menu, return and two custom function keys. The custom function keys are similar to the C1 and C2 buttons on the back of the remote control, to set functions including One-key switching to maximum brightness, WLAN switch, screenshots and SRE.

CrystalSky right side

CrystalSky monitor’s back design is very simple, only a battery slot and a battery unlock button. In fact, there is also a battery inside , to ensure the equipment can be standby in a short time. If you take the external battery out directly without power off Crystalsky, screen will go off and keep standby automatically.

Then screen will be turn on immediately when you fit on the external battery back, no need waiting it reboot again. This is a very user-friendly design, so that we can quickly replace battery and ensure the screen uninterrupted work during shooting.

CrystalSky bottom

CrystaSky monitor is equipped with a 2S 4920mAh lithium battery (Model: WB37), the maintenance method is the same as UAV battery. The battery operating temperature is between -20 and 40 degrees Celsius, it’s a relatively wide range of adaptation. After 5 minutes testing in a directly sunlight environment (About 30 degrees Celsius), Ipad Air 2 stop working due to overheating, CrystalSky’s shell had become very hot, but still working.

Except the build-in cooling fan, there are also cooling holes at the top and buttom.And equipped with passive colling deisgn around the cooling holes. The GNSS module is placed at the center of the top, the middle frame used plastic material to ensure signal. It hardly can find the difference between color and texture by naked eyes.

CrystalSky top

Official claims 5.5-inch CrystalSky can keep working for 5-6 hours, which is the actual hours of use after our experience. The battery used in different sizes Crystalsky is exactly the same, the working hours for 7.85in version is 4-5 hours.

Screen – Core Competitiveness

Speaking of CrystalSky, the biggest feature is the super high brightness of the screen,the 1000cd / m2 brightness is better than most mobile phones in the market. While the 7.85 inch super bright version CrystalSky maximum brightness can reach up to 2000cd / m2.

As a contrast, iPhone 7 maximum brightness is 602cd / m2, iPad don’ have official data yet. No matter tablets or phone, all can not have clear screen under direct sunshine til now. Actually, the common used lens hood was not that good, it will affect our eyesight, and it is heavy.

we do not need to hide in our clothes to see screen

It reflects very obvious in the reality about the over 40% increase of brightness on CrystalSky, which was very dazzling when turn the screen to the maximum bright under darker environment.

CrystalSky High brightness

In addition to the high enough brightness, the key point of seeing clear screen is a low enough screen reflectivity. The normal approach is adding anti-reflective coating, but the coating itself will reduce the brightness of the screen, which needs a balance between. iPad Air 2’s screen reflectivity has reduced to 2.5% marvelously , iPad mini 4 to 2%. There is no official data for CrystalSky monitor, while it is obviously lower than both of them from the actual shooting.

CrystalSky High brightness 2

Here, it is necessary to talk about SRE function.
SRE function is another feature of the CrystalSky screen, which can be set via customization button in shortcut menu. It allows us to change the screen display curve and insure us to have partial or whole enhancement for the bright and dark part. It also can adding a buff when sunshine is strong,letting us see the pictures more clear.

CrystalSky SRE function

CrystalSky adopted IPS display, viewing angle is more broad and more accurate,also supports multi-touch. 5.5-inch screen equipped with 1920 * 1080 resolution is completely enough. These technical features ensures that we can see the pictures and parameters clearly under the hard light without installing any other accessories or taking other methods.

Deep customization – clean and fast software environment

We can insert TF card in the CrystalSky slot, and can directly view and play photos or videos in File Explorer. CrystalSky also have a deep optimization on video decoding, even 4K resolution video also can play smoothly.

Play video on CrystalSky

The accompanying video player is also fully functional, similar with the popular Android video players. Besides, it also added tag function, supporting playing the video from where the tag was added.

CrystalSky’s built-in software also had been customized by DJI, such as DJI GO 4, which has been very stable. DJI engineers indeed put a lot of effort into the optimization in software and equipment.

Focus on aerial photography, CrystalSky is a equipment meets specific needs. Some friends feel it too expensive, as they think they are able to buy a good mobile phone or tablet at the same price which are more functions. While price is determined by cost, as a professional equipment, CrystalSky is for solving professional needs. It has its own specific user groups, even though not as many as mobile phones and tablet users. Besides, the custom costs and purchase prices of CrystalSky components is much higher than mobile phone and tablet.

Professional requirements need professional equipment. DJI released this CrystalSky monitor, in order to allow us to see the screen clearly in strong bright environment, work normally in high temperature and low temperature environment.It’s the direct reason why it was released.

In other words, CrystalSky is more suitable for professional staff. For amateur players, the environment they play UAV is relatively good, so no need to buy it.

There are 5.5 inch high brightness version, 7.85 inch high brightness version, and 7.85 inch ultra brightness version in Gearbest (When I post this blog, they are still out of stock.). You can also visit DJI official site check price.

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