16 Cool Uses for NFC Tags on Your Android Phone or iPhone

Before iPhone 8 and iPhone X comes out, there are already many Android phones with NFC function. And more and more people start to know more about NFC and wanna try it on their NFC enabled smart phone.

You probably heard of NFC tag long time ago, while what is the NFC tags which you can get several PCS on Amazon.com with really cheap price? How it works and how it brings convenience for us? If you wanna try the NFC function on your phone, start with NFC tags may be the fastest and cheapest way first.


What is NFC (Near Field Communication)?

If you still don’t know what NFC is, you can check it on Wikipedia first quickly. In short, you can encode the NFC Tag with a specific action trigger ( such as set up your alarm,make a call, join a WiFi network, etc. ), when your phone close the NFC tag, it will command your action automatically and quickly without to do complicated operations on your phone. The effective distance of NFC normally can not exceeds 1.58 inch, that is NFC mainly different from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared ray, but the transmission speed is faster than infrared ray.


Does my phone support NFC Tag?

NFC tags support all systems, iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry, etc. As long as your phone supports NFC, you can use the NFC Tags. No need to worry.


How to use NFC Tag?

CNET video already explained this perfectly.


How can I encode NFC tags ?

The easiest way is to use an NFC enabled mobile phone. Just download a simple, free and safe App, such as Android app – ‘TagWriter’ which is made by NXP [download link] – the same people who make the majority of NFC chips. You can be encoding your tags in minutes.


Does they need batteries?

NFC Tags don’t require batteries. They get their power from just being near a powered NFC device, like a NFC enabled mobile phone.


Let’s Introduce Some Cool Uses for NFC Tags

1. Make a Hotspot for Your Other Smart Devices

using nfc tag to Make a Hotspot for Your Other Smart Devices

If you stick an NFC tag on your laptop and encode it with turn on your phone hotspot.
Then when you hover your phone over the tag, your hotspot will open automatically to serve for your laptop.


2. Trigger Sleep Mode

nfc tag Trigger Sleep Mode

Stick on the nightstand to open the alarm, turn down the lights, trun off the sounds,Auto-Sync and light reminder, etc.


3. Setting Up Your Phone to Most Driving Suitable Mode Quickly

Setting Up Your Phone to Most Driving Suitable Mode Quickly

Stick an NFC Tag on the dashboard or area close to control panel, encode it with triggers, like turning on Bluetooth, GPS and 3G, opening Google Maps, voluming up and whatever else you need on your smartphone.


4. Helping the Guests Connecting Your Wi-Fi More Quickly and Easily

use nfc tag to Help the Guests Connecting Your Wi-Fi More Quickly and Easily

When you have guests coming to your house, you can use NFC tag to help them connecting your Wi-Fi quickly with APP like InstaWIFI [download link] instead of telling them your Wi-Fi password one by one.


5. Automatically Turn on the Timer

Have you ever turned the washer on then forgot it after you left? Why not stick an NFC tag on the washer to remind you with the timer?


6. Connect your Bluetooth Speaker Instantly

usb nfc tag to Connect your Bluetooth Speaker Instantly

If you used to enjoy music with bluetooth speaker, stick an NFC tag on the speaker, set it up to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth, WIFI, and music player.
It will save your daily repeat steps, just enjoy your musics.


7. NFC Business Cards

NFC Business Cards

It helps you exchange your business cards with people quickly.


8. Quickly Open Specific Evernote Notes

Touchanote is a free app which awarded in the note software developer competition.With the NFC Tag, you
can set up to connect the definite note, which including open your to-do list, or open the stickers beside
the product to open the user manual.


9. Boot Up Your Computer

Imagine this, when you enter your house, just simply tapping an NFC tag then you can turn on your computer. And when you ready to use it, it already boot up.

Below apps can help you achieve this:

Here is a quick guide to tell you how to remote start your computer step by step.


10. Products Anti-counterfeiting

Some manufactures already started doing anti-counterfeiting verification via NFC Tags for their products.


11. Launch a Website URL

If you need visit an url frequently, and the url is long and complicated. Why not use an NFC tag to visit it quickly? Of course, QR codes can also implement this small feature.


12. NFC Key chain


Stick an NFC tag on your keychain or get an NFC keychain to complete the things you need to do frequently.
Turn on your phone hotspot or turn on the musics you like.


13. NFC Safe Payment

NFC Safe Payment

The earliest application of NFC is payment. Now many mobile phone brands are popularizing their own payment methods, NFC is the main transmission mode.


14. Control Smart Home Appliance

The use of NFC had one more opportunity with the growing of smart home devices.You can control your smart
home devices easily, like turn on/off the light.


15. Set Office Mode

nfc tag for office

Stick an NFC Tag on the table, encode it with diming the light, turning off wifi or Auto-Sync. You can also set up to login into music apps, open your agenda.

If you set up the tag as switch, then you can turn off the previous activities by tapping it again when you are leaving.


16. Home Mode

Stick an NFC tag near your entrance door and let it do things, eg: Open the wifi,dim the light,disabled Bluetoot or Auto-Sync.

You can even program the tag to switch back with NFC Task Launch app,like turn off the wifi when you left the room once you tap your phone on the tag a second time.


nfc tag for pets

There are still plenty of applications need you to dig out. Fortunately, NFC Tags are cheap enough that you can buy a lot of NFC Tags on amazon or Gearbest at a very low price.


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