How to Make Workplace More Comfortable and Ergonomic?

You might had already worked for several hours when you reading this. Maybe now you need rest yourself for a while, like do some exercises or drink a cup of coffee. Before our body  getting worse, we need do something in advance.

First, you will need a reasonable exercise plan, remember, is reasonable, not professional.  We need work out a regular exercise plan according to your time. You can do it every day or every two days, but can not be too long. It can be 30 mins walk after work, badminton with families or friends. Or 2KMs jogging in the morning, relax your neck, waist, arms. 30 mins or one hour isn’t too long, even less than the time spent on phone each day.

Besides exercise, sitting in front of computers is still unavoidable. So I try to improve it.

How to make work healthier? Of course, it need some input.


Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Support and Keyboard Rest Support

Ergonomic-Mouse-pad-with-wrist-support (1)

You might think you don’t need this, you can still use your mouse freely without it. I know it very early, and think it is not a necessary.

Until I get one, as well as a keyboard rest support, my wrist relaxed the first time! I only can say this item makes me feel more comfortable and flexible.

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Ergonomic Keyboard

 ergonomic keyboard advantages

No doubts you won’t used to ergonomic keyboard at the first time, but it should be more comfortable later.  Not all bizarre keyboard will be comfortable when using, even it looks fantastic. While we don’t want it to be a trouble, so you’d better return it and get another.

The main purpose of ergonomic keyboard is making our arms fall on the keyboards naturally, instead of changing the shape for typing on the keyboard.

tranditional keyboard hurt wrists

Just like the common used keyboard, nobody found there is anything wrong.We all using it and it do typing fast.

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Get An Ergonomic Foot Rest Under Desk

ergonomic foot rest under desk

Our hips slightly higher than knees will be more comfortable no matter we are sitting before the table or lying on the sofa. Besides, the foot rest can increase our blood circulation as well. Definitely it will be much more enjoyable.

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An Computer Monitor Arm Stand

desktop monitor arm stand

Computer monitor arm stand suits for most of monitors as monitor manufacture already considered that we might need this when they make it. By adjusting the height, distance and angle, it can help us avoiding muscles around the neck getting stiff when we stare at the monitor at a fixed place, also can relax our eyes.

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Computer Monitor Riser Stand

Computer monitor riser stand

If your monitor can not use the arm stand, like IMAC, or you wanna make it more simple. Then the riser will be a good choice! Why we need the monitor higher?

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An Ergonomic Desk Chair

an ergonomic desk chair

The only thing I can be sure that nothing is more obvious to feel comfortable than sitting on an multi-function ergonomic chair. We can adjust the height, angle of the backrest as we want. Can you imagine when you sitting on the chair, the high backrest support your neck and Spine, the soft armrest comfort your shoulders and wrists? An ergonomic chair also improves working efficiency and quality.

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Adjustable Standing Desk

It is popular that many people start standing at work, long time sitting brings big pressures to our waist. This can be reduced when you stand up for a while.

An adjustable table can be put it on my office table. When I want standing at work, I can adjust the height freely. One another adjustable standing desk suits for more people with various height. It is not that convenient if you want sit and stand alternately even you have a airlift stool. There are also a kind of expensive electronic adjustable stand to sit desk, that we can just press the up and down button, it will automatically adjust the height.

electronic adjustable stand sit desk

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Natural light Lamp

natural light LED eye protection lamp

If you used to using computer at night, and do not want to bother others, a good desk lamp with flicker-free lighting won’t  make your eyes  tired easily no matter you are reading, working or studying.

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