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Editor: Alan Chier

Website: RightisBest.com

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About RightisBest.com

I have 5 years of experience in product development and sales on Amazon, and keep taking about 8 hours to understand different products and user feedback.

Most of products with higher price is relatively better than cheap, but it does not mean that the best product is the most expensive one. A good product must be really useful first, as well as have a good user experience.

It is also important to let customers fully understand the product, clearly know that the product is suitable for them or not.

I opened this blog, just aim to share some useful product and top-rated product information and unbiased reviews, in my free time.  Hope it’s helpful for you. Good luck.


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Hi, I am Alan, a product manager with 5 years product development experience. My philosophy is simple: I only want to display the top-rated and cool stuff you can find and buy on web. I am not interested in spamming and boring or lame products.