Amazon Fire TV Edition – Element 4K Ultra TV Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Now, when we search Amazon Fire TV, there are not only Fire TV and stick streaming media player. Amazon has tied to cooperate with TV maker to release TV with Amazon Fire TV OS built-in. Maybe, Amazon want to occupy much more of living room, or just hope more consumers can use Alexa and its video service.

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We can treat it as the combination of one 4K TV and Fire TV streaming media player, the main functions are Alex, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video. People who have used Amazon Fire TV or stick are very clear it’s pros and cons, recommend you go to see Amazon Fire TV reviews and Stick product reviews to know more.

Here we simply talk about the main features of Fire TV streaming media player and some difference on this 4K TV.


Yes, as described in the Amazon product page, using Alexa, we can search TV shows, movies from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime TV, and check weather, control fast forward, rewind and pause, play music, even control some smart home devices like Philip Hue light. Liberate our hands, through the voice to replace the button search, in order to save time. The more you use, the more accurate match Alexa will be, because Alexa become more and more familiar with your habits.

Alexa in This 4K TV

This Amazon Fire TV Edition retains all the features of Alexa, and as a TV, Alexa can also control the local live over-the-air TV  broadcasts after plugging in an antenna.

Channel Guide

When we connect the antenna, it will automatically download local live over-the-air TV broadcasts. Amazon added a channel guide function, the recent program name will appear on the guide, rather than the number. This is much more convenient, we can  play any TV program we can find in this guide within several weeks. Yes, Fire TV streaming media player does not have it.

With built-in 16GB internal storage, we can pause the playback about 90 seconds and rewind to pick up where you left off. If you install a Micro-SD card, you can pause for longer time.

4K Screen

As we all know, the TV screen of this Amazon fire TV edition is not the best, which do not support HDR and Dolby Vision. But for most people, it has met the demand, please try to find other one if you need the top 4K picture quality. For now, the 4K source is still limited, Netflix on the quality of 4K content may be a good choice, if you do not want 4K TV often play 1080P content.

It’s not only a Fire TV streaming media player

Of course, many people do not want to pay for subscribers every month, they may need other ways to watch TV, such as one Kodi TV Box, a cable or satellite receiver. As a TV, Amazon can not limit customers to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and its Prime video. So this Element 4K TV provides 4 x HDMI 2.0 interface (Support HDCP 2.2), give us more choices on this TV, including other devices at home, such as XBOX, S / PDIF audio devices, etc.


  • Relatively cheap price
  • Strong Alexa invoice service to replace searching via buttons.
  • Built-in familiar and easier Fire TV OS for old consumers
  • Add channels guide with channels name instead of number
  • Support to pause the playback and rewind it with internal storage and external storage expansion
  • 4 x HDMI 2.0 port for Kodi box, cable or satellite receiver and more HDMI devices
  • Reliable service from Amazon
  • Have the opportunity to watch 4K or HD content from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and Prime video


  • Not the best 4K screen (Do not support HDR and Dolby Vision)
  • No full-featured remote with keyboards and touchpad when we want to search by button.


If you already have a 4K TV and have an Amazon Fire TV or stick streaming media player, I do not recommend this 4K TV. If you want to buy a 4K TV and have the potential to pay for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now and Prime video, maybe you can click here to know more about it. Of course, Please do some comparison if you have a better choice, after all, this TV looks like a combination of the non-intelligent 4K TV and an Amazon Fire TV streaming media player. Do not forget, this TV 4K picture quality is not the best one.


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