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Hi, I am Alan, a product manager with 5 years product development experience. My philosophy is simple: I only want to display the top-rated and cool stuff you can find and buy on web. I am not interested in spamming and boring or lame products.

One-Handed Viking Battle Axe


Take this one-handed Viking battle-axe to the forest adventure. Inspired from Viking artefacts, this Viking…

Bacon Bin Grease Holder


This simple holder makes it be easier to collect and store bacon grease. Built-in strainer…

Planet Plates Set


Talk with your children which planets they will have lunch on today. These planet plates…

Manly Scented Candle


Light up a manly scented candle and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful night.  These vintage-inspired…

Power Claw Power Strip


This power strip comes with grounded 3-Outlet and features a spring-loaded clamp that will allow…

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