How to Avoid Buying A Fake 4K TV

Yesterday, one friend told me that he found a store sold very cheap 4K TV, doubt it’s a fake 4K TV. So today I will introduce something how to avoid buying a fake 4K TV.

I tried to search HD TV on China Taobao online store and found that there are about half of search results contain the 4K word, and the prices are also different. 4K will be more and more popular and cheaper and cheaper, but there are some sinister sellers offer the fake 4K TVs to  consumers.

how to avoid buying fake 4k tv

There is a simple method to recognize the true 4K TV, is that the resolution. Normally, we can not distinguish between 2K and 4K. The resolution of 4K is 3840×2160, we usually call it 2160P (like 1920×1080 = 1080P), so we can check the parameters on the 4K TV rear panel normally. It’s hard to use eyes to distinguish the 4K and 2K.

The “K” in ‘4K” is the first letter  of “kilo”, i.e. thousand, means there are 3840 pixel, approach to 4000 pixel, so we call it 4K. Compared with true 4K panel, RGBW 4K panel is less than true 4K panel. Besides, the “W” do not means the effective color pixels, so it will affect the panel color purity and the performance of graphics detail, even the problem can be optimized by software, but the picture expression much fall behind, which is the reason that some big manufacturers do not use the cheap screen panel, relative 4K TV price is higher.

In order to keep down costs, and occupy the low-end market, some manufacturers and sellers together offer cheap 4K TV in the name of “4K UHD”, all is a fraud. So when you want to buy 4K TV, please look at the product specifications carefully, it’s a cheap RGBW 4K TV or a true RGB 4K TV.

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